We are what we are...

Brianlynette Photography was created by husband and wife team Brian and Lynette Tucker. Brian heads up the photography and post processing wing, while Lynette handles props, site planning, and ensuring people look their best during the session. She's fancy! "Why am I talking in 3rd person?" --Brian. 


A business was born...

We are a family of 6, and as with any family, there are many opportunities to capture a moment in time. First steps, school plays, family gatherings, sports, you name it. We are blessed enough to have it all x 4. It wasn't log before I pushed for higher quality production. Of course it was just a flag football game, but all of the missed shots became aggravating. So I hit the books, and began studying the art and technical aspects of photography. I shot more and more, and fell in love with it. We decided to turn that love into a business so we could share the emotion of a captured moment in time with as many people as possible.

We do what we do...

Brianlynette Photography provides on location photography services for engagements and weddings, large and small events, and family portraits. We strive to thrill our clients with the images we capture of your most cherished happenings. When you view our work, we want you to do more than see it. We want you to feel it. Your occasions will be captured with the utmost care and creativity for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

We like people...

If you're going to work with people, it's a requirement to enjoy them. My favorite part of the experience is pulling the emotion out of others. Taking a picture should be an enjoyable experience and feel natural. It may not feel that way when the session begins, but we will make it so. 

Call or email to setup a free consultation. As a thank you for your consideration, we will provide you with a free headshot to use on your favorite social media site, business or greeting card. 

Brian and Lynette Tucker
brianlynette photography
Dallas Fort Worth